Top 6 Supermarkets in UK

The UK supermarkets,as well as offering a good service and a wide range of products, reflect the very essence of local lifestyle — practical comfort.

Today we will rank the popular retailers that offer a great range of groceries, electric appliances, and household items. We are paying attention to the level of service, the value for money, the distance from residential areas and other parameters contributing to a good shopping experience.

Factors to Consider

Before moving on to the list of reputable retailers, let’s consider a few aspects that can make a big difference in your shopping experience and where you shop:

  • Location: it is better to shop close to home or work. Proximity to public transport, parking, speciality shops and specialist services are also important. It’s more convenient to shop, post a letter and do your laundry in one place.
  • Flexible working hours are an important factor for busy people. 24/7 makes the shopping experience more flexible and accessible.
  • Extra services: many supermarkets in England offer services that can make your life much easier. These include a pharmacy, an online ordering service, a café or restaurant, an ATM and children’s play areas. All these things can make your visit more enjoyable and convenient.
  • Available loyalty programmes that offer discounts, bonus points or special offers to regular customers. These offer additional perks and cash savings.
  • Online shopping option will allow you to buy items online and get them delivered to your home. Online shopping can be a deciding factor when choosing a supermarket if you are short of time.
  • Customer ratings are a subjective factor, but it’s still worth paying attention to other people’s buying experiences. This helps you assess the overall in-store atmosphere, and how friendly and customer-focused the staff are.
  • Prices vary: depending on your income, you can choose to shop where it suits your budget. There is a choice between low-cost retailers, mid-range supermarkets and premium locations.

All these factors will help you choose the right shop for you. But bear in mind that comfort is specific to each individual, so consider your personal needs and preferences.


UK supermarkets are more than just places for everyday shopping; they reflect the English consumer culture by bringing together the diverse tastes of this cosmopolitan country. We prepared a list of well-known chains that pleasantly surprise customers with their fresh produce and excellent service.


It is one of the most widely spread chains that offers anything from a small grocery store or a megastore offering clothing, shoes, home care and food products.


  • Home delivery available;
  • Most shops are open 24 hours a day;
  • Offering additional items like flowers, basic medical supplies, and pre-cooked meals;
  • Extensive coverage with shops in residential areas, always within walking distance;
  • Easy-to-read and easy-to-understand price tags;
  • Loyalty programmes and numerous discounts on different product groups;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Self-checkouts;
  • Organic produce.


  • Tesco’s bigger stores can be loud and busy;
  • In the evenings, there is a smaller range of products available and some shelves may be empty.

These shops are popular with customers thanks to their national coverage and accessibility, therefore there are very few negative reviews. Customers mainly speak about friendly staff, excellent service, and a variety of products and services.


This chain offers a wide range of items and supports local producers. The shop focuses on promoting environmentally friendly policy and offers a diverse range of organic and vegetarian items on its shelves. The prices are relatively high but the food quality is unmatched and the customer service is exceptional.


  • Assistance for people with special needs;
  • A wide range of healthy foods, including farm products;
  • Many additional products like flowers, pet supplies and gifts;
  • A wine cellar with global and regional English wines;
  • Loyalty cards and gift certificates;
  • Delivery and online shopping;
  • Portable price scanner.


  • Stores are more prevalent in affluent areas;
  • A week’s worth of groceries will be more expensive than at other supermarkets.

Many customers say that Waitrose prices are comparable to Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s. However, the cost of organic produce on the shelves is significantly higher than that of regular products in other stores.


A major international retailer favoured by the British for its affordable prices and easy shopping experience. Currently, there are over 1,000 stores nationwide, with plans for 500 more in the future. Additionally, the market share is over 10%. These stores are mostly for weekly shopping.


  • Located near major supermarkets, allowing customers to buy items not sold in Aldi;
  • Additional product groups like flowers, toys and home accessories;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Great variety of vegetables and fruits;
  • Quick snacks and cheap drinking water;
  • Available parking.


  • Limited range consisting mostly of own branded products;
  • Stores can be overcrowded;
  • Shortage of cashiers.

These stores use pallets instead of standard shelving units allowing them to cut down prices. This is what attracts the buyers.

Interesting fact!

Which?, an organisation that reviews products and services, in its 2023 report found out that Aldi is no longer the most affordable store in the UK. It now ranks fourth in that rating. The average shop there would cost you £11.06 while in Tesco, it would come up to £10.78 with its clubcard.


A discounter with reasonable prices and a good stock of goods for all occasions: food, clothes, home care, travel and sports, furniture, garden supplies and household appliances. The chain has more than 960 stores and 14 regional distribution centres across the UK.


  • Convenient parking;
  • Different producers (including German and French) offering cosmetics and household detergents, clothes, toys, and books;
  • Cleanness and spacious organised aisles;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Spoiled produce is taken off the shelves regularly.


  • Goods in stock at different stores can vary;
  • Queues at check-out.

Customers enjoy shopping at these stores thanks to the best value for money, as well as weekly discount offers on certain product groups. This shopping approach allows for easy planning.


A supermarket chain with convenient and spacious stores, good parking facilities and internal space organisation. The shopping floor has wide aisles and a convenient layout. The chain accounts for around 15% of all supermarket sales in the UK. Sainsbury’s has around 600 large stores and more than 800 stores operating 24 hours a day. By 2022, their website was the third most visited retail site in the UK, with over 70% of sales made online.


  • Easy hall navigation;
  • High-quality products;
  • Presence in all towns and cities;
  • Many stores have electric car chargers;
  • Delicious home-made bakery products;
  • Own branded products at lower prices;
  • Self-checkouts, a pharmacy and a café.


  • It can be crowded and noisy during peak hours;
  • Long queues at the checkout.

Sainsbury’s has a partnership with the Nectar loyalty scheme, where shoppers can earn points in return for discounts on purchases. The chain also offers a convenient online platform where you can order goods, and choose home delivery or pickup at your convenience.


It’s one of the UK’s largest supermarkets that offers a wide range of everyday essentials and food. There are about 630 Asda stores in the country.

Customers mostly leave positive feedback about the versatility and variety of the services, as well as respectful staff.


  • The widest range of retail items;
  • Additional categories of goods like over-the-counter medicines, furniture, toys, electronics, souvenirs, etc.;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Online orders and home delivery;
  • In-store services: café, shopping scanner, pharmacies and opticians in some stores;
  • Gift cards, various discounts;
  • Responsive staff ready to help customers. The company is committed to serving customers.


  • Limited store accessibility in some areas;
  • Some stores are so big that it is not always easy to find a product.

This chain targets customers who prefer doing weekly shops, meaning big shops. A wide range of products and huge retail spaces serve this purpose.


In this article, we’ve reviewed popular stores where you can purchase essential groceries, electronics, homeware, and more. We’ve highlighted everything that matters to customers: the atmosphere, the quality of service, convenience, and pricing.

You will find a suitable supermarket on our list, whether you’re doing your regular shopping or preparing for a special occasion or dinner with loved ones.

FAQs about UK Supermarkets

How Are English Supermarkets Rated?

People rate supermarkets based on their own shopping experience. However, there are special services that assess retail chains based on public opinion surveys. For instance Which? carries out such surveys.

What Are the Latest Trends in English Retail?

Many retailers provide organic and vegetarian options which can help individuals maintain a healthier and more balanced diet. Cooperation with local producers and farmers is becoming an effective method of achieving this goal.

Supermarkets will offer new services such as delivering groceries to your door, assisting consumers with special needs, lending money, and others. For instance, the Sainsbury’s chain has installed charging points for electric vehicles on its parking lots, which helps to protect the national and global environment.

Which Supermarket Is Considered the Cheapest in England?

In early 2023, Tesco was recognised as the cheapest store with a club card shopping (as rated by Which?).